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  • phil oss o PEE dee uh


I didn't know about the Philosopedia, and have just taken a look at it - a great idea!
Sir Arthur C. Clarke, 5 September 2007


To use PHILOSOPEDIA, the free online reference source for the philosophy-minded,

type a subject (e.g., Pragmatism) or a name (e.g., Isaac Asimov) in the SEARCH rectangle to the left. Then click GO or SEARCH.

GO will take you straight to the subject or name that you typed.

SEARCH will show all references to the subject or name that you typed.

Click Who's Who in Hell and you will be directed to the 10,000 items already included in

Warren Allen Smith's Who's Who in Hell, A Handbook and International Directory
for Humanists, Freethinkers, Naturalists, Rationalists, and Non-Theists
(New York: Barricade Books, 2000, 1,248 pages, $125.00).

RANDOM PAGE, if clicked in the column on the left, will show updated articles.

Click again and again and entry after entry will be shown.


Humanities Humanists - Novelists
Freethinking Musicians
African American Freethinkers
Atheist Philosophers
Library of Living Authors
Female Philosophers
American Philosophical Society
American Philosophical Association
Philosophical Movements / Schools of Philosophy
Members of the American Academy of Arts and Letters
Members of L'Acadamie fran�aise
Members of La Real Academia Espa�ola
Members of the British Academy
Nobel Prize Winners
Man Booker Literary Prizes
Prix Goncourt
Praemium Imperiale Awards in the Humanities
Templeton Prize Winners
Contemporary Unitarian Universalists

Creating and Editing Articles

To create or edit an article one needs to request log-in privileges. mail sysop

Only Board members currently are allowed to make article changes.

Mission, Volunteers, History, Table of Organization, Symbols Used, Contributors, Financials

See page 2.

To See Items For Possible Purchase

Humanist Shoppe has some goodies from $1 to $100,000 that are not available anywhere else.